Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"A sea of leaves are whispering"

Welcome to my music blog. I'm going to talk about music that I love, and maybe music that I don't. This posting will fall under the first category.

I'd like to talk about one of the greatest songs of all time. It's a track by Bob Ebeling (pictured below) called "Heaven's Deep Inside". It's pretty much unreleased, but you can listen to it on his moli profile under the heading "life on high". The link is listed below. I've also posted the mp3 on a separate link. Click here to access it. (JUST CLOSE THE ANNOYING ADVERTISEMENTS)

Why is it so great? It's absolutely beautiful. The lush textures, trippy vocals, airy drums, string quartet, and quirky electric piano make for an unforgettable track. All of this songs parts work with each other to form one cohesive bed of sonic perfection. If I'm not mistaken, the drums & string quartet were recorded at Loho studios in NYC. Let's break it down part by part.

Vocals: A very dense reverb (and possibly chorus?) mask the vocals behind a layer liquid psychedelia. This creates a flowing ghost like sort feel to Bob's voice. The lyrics seem to wander between themes of fall, feeling good, and feeling blissful shining comfort. The overall mood of the vocals has a very sacred feeling of drifting from love, loss, and beauty.....all in the glorious leafy season of fall. "A sea of leaves are whispering"... Who could create a more artistic and beautiful lyric about the fall season?

Strings: They sound great. From what I know, Ebeling arranged them and had a string quartet play.

Drums: The drums have a very cool, dense, and semi-present sound in the mix. My favorite drum part is when the drums bang back in at 3:28. 

Programming: I'm pretty much always  in love with a analog kick drum with a  sharp eq boost giving it a quicky electronic sort of 'click' sound. That being said, the programming is really good and doesn't interfere with the rest of the song. Rather, it provides the trippy electronic rhythm  base for the rest of the song to lie on.

Guitar: Killer!!! The melody that the guitar plays is utilizing some of my favorite intervals. The sound is very watery, shimmery, and overall just beautiful. In a typical Bob Ebeling fashion, there is some very cool guitar counter melody stuff happening in the stereo field. There is a small guitar sound panned to the left that is lightly noodling with some bizarre yet complimenting intervals. 

Bass: Not much to say about this. It has a good feel that bounces along perfectly with the rest of the sound.

Overall there are many reasons why I love this song. It is using a very common chord progression (she sells sanctuary: the cult, sweet home alabama: skynyard, she said she said: the beatles, welcome to paradise: green day, ...the list goes on) and yet the listener may not really notice. This is because the chords are used in such a dramatically tripped out fashion. This song makes me think of: love, life, loss, heroin, brooklyn, fall, beauty, heaven, death, disappointment, bitter sweet experience, and many other things. 

As I listen to this song, I am reminded that October is almost over right now. As usual, I am feeling that I haven't really experienced it. It seems that it just passed me by while I kept busy with work.  I guess it doesn't help that I just moved to NYC and am living an entirely different kind of life style than I have in the last 23 years. Nonetheless, this pattern of not actually being present in my surroundings continues. 

I could listen to this tune a million times..........

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