Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thoughts and quotes

A quote caught my eye recently.

"Once I realize that I ought to get to the root of things, and that I can no longer be content with living in accordance with the demands of the ordinary world, then a question arises about what I am and about the meaning of my own life" - Jean Vaysse from Toward Awakeing

What are your thoughts on those words? It certainly leads my thought process in an interesting direction, but i won't taint your impression of the quote by sharing my own reaction to it.

I've been spending a set amount of time working on my new record "School" every day. To say that I'm excited about the record would be an understatement. It's a double disc album that is due to come out in February.

I uploaded some demo's for the album. You can listen to them by clicking here. The songs are "Video Games" and "Crush". I look forward to seeing these songs as well as all others to completion.

The "School" record will be very different from my last album "Love Spectacle". Love Spectacle was about fantasy, magic, and the idea of love. Click here to watch a video about the making of Love Spectacle. "School" is about youth, nostalgia, and growing up.