Monday, March 12, 2012

Look at that ass

About a year ago or so, I was sitting in my friend Keith's kitchen. We were discussing the idea of staring at girls. At the end of it all he realized that he tries not to stare at girls because they are constantly be stared at. He concluded that they must find this type of behavior annoying, discomforting, and in some cases, frightening. I couldn't argue with this.

Last week at the local gym his words came to my mind as I witnessed a most amazing display of the male element of Level Fitness going haywire. At first I didn't even know what was happening. There were about 8 guys near me. Many of them were having conversations, but it certainly appeared that they were not fully engaged or involved in what the other person was saying. In fact, most of the time- there weren't even looking at them! What was it they were looking at? And why was every other guy in the vicinity looking over by this one treadmill?

I stood up to get a better look, and of course there was some hot young chick with a great body running. Now I was looking! I won't lie about hesitating to return to doing curls, but I did get back to them in a timely fashion. I lifted and watched in total amazement as these guys just continually stared over at the gym's new star member.

Then they all looked at once! Quickly, and if my observation was accurate- with concern! Jesus- she was walking! Don't miss that. Please, don't miss that.

I'm not putting these guys down, for I have a dick- I am one of them. I'm not questioning the instinctual force that causes a human to desire the genitalia of another. I merely wanted to relay the powerful force of a female in a public setting and the undeniable grip it can command over a middle aged gym goer. Truly amazing! Maybe she'll be there tomorrow...

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